zondag 2 januari 2011


Man is trapped in the machinery of his surroundings. It may be true in general, but it´s certainly true in Ajami, a film named after a crowdy & rowdy Jaffa neighbourhood. Core of the comlex plot is Omar’s problem: a vengeful family wants to kill him, because Omar’s uncle killed one of them. This story line provides a thriller-like tension, but in the end the movie feels more like a combination of documentary and tragedy. We are led into several strands of Jaffa life and see christians bugging eachother for dating arabs, arabs bugging eachother for dating jews. 
Omar and his christian girlfriend risk being caught while holding hands.
One of the highlights is Omar’s visit to the vengeful family, who turn out to be a powerful nomad clan. Omar needs an interpreter to talk to them and he is as much as we at a loss about the precize customs of this clan. Some sort of deal is reached: if Omar brings in a large ransom, he won’t be killed. The remainder of the movie shows Omar pursuing this impossible goal: a tragic character in a cruel world. 

Seen on July 20, 2010, in Rialto, Amsterdam. 

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